Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Binky Battle

I have 6 kids,  5 of which took a binky. I thought it would be an easier battle than the thumb.  I still have baby Samuel that uses a binky, and that's all I SHOULD have.  I thought we had Mini-Me over this stage,  but I'm constantly taking baby Samuel's binkies from her.  They even had different styles hoping that this did not happen.  I don't know how to break it at this point.  I have tried the binky fairy, exchanging it for something else,  flat out punishment when I catch her with one,  but she still snatches them.  She even hides them so that when I take one, she knows exactly where another one is.  I struggle to find baby Samuel one at sleep times, because she has them all hidden.  What to do,  what to do?? 
 Yep, she smuggled another one!  I didn't even realize she had it until I had arrived at our destination and pulled out the camera to take pictures of the boys football team.  It was immediately taken away without drama, as usual, but she'll still snatch another one before the night is over.  The battle continues............. 
This one I knew he had,  but guess who had it by the time we got home from practice???  UGH!!!!!

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  1. I'm thinking it's all about attention (or lack of since Samuel turned up in her life :) ). How to cure the problem, I'm not sure.