Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Might Be a Mom If..........

Here are some I found on other blogs:

You might be a mom if........

you've ever crawled under a crib at 2 a.m. searching for a pacifier like your life depended on it.
you've ever stuck a pacifier in your mouth just to clean it off!!
you find yourself singing Old MacDonald in the car......alone!!
you don't even shut the door to go to the bathroom.
you can take a shower, do your hair and makeup in less than 10 minutes (with an audience)
you wake up with extra people in bed with you.
your spit has become a cleaning agent and a hair product.
you find yourself asking, "Did you flush?"

Here are some of mine (from personal experience)

You might be a mom if........

you haven't gone to the bathroom without an audience in months.
you can't take a shower without someone yelling through the door to get them a drink.
you find going to the dentist relaxing (without the kids of course).
you vacuum and steam your floors only to discover the toddler has dumped the cheerios on the floor and is now eating them.
your idea of a sporty car is a GMC Acadia.
you let your kids sleep an extra 30 minutes so you can have some me-time.
your cabinet has more plastic cups in it than it does regular glasses.
the plans you want to make are scheduled around the plans your children already have!!!
you can't have a telephone conversation without a child getting into trouble!!

I could go on and on.  What about you??  Do you have any You might be a mom if.................


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