Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let the Weight Loss Begin - Week 1

Okay, so today begins "THE DIET"!  Time to get this weight off!!  I ,of course, am NOT posting my weight on here, but will be tracking how much I lose.  I really don't have a specific plan.  I did Weight Watchers after I had Mini-Me a couple years ago and did well as long as I stuck to it.  I'm hoping a weekly post on here will keep me motivated and accountable. 

Weigh in will be every Wednesday morning, not sure why I picked Wednesday???  I will post whether I gained or lost and how much.  The ultimate weight loss goal is 60 pounds!!!!  I realize it's not going to all come off in the next 3 months, but hopefully I won't get frustrated and quit, as usual.

Also,  I am currently looking for some kind of exercise program that can be done in the home and preferably not take longer than 30 minutes. Oh, and does not require me to go out and purchase any type of equipment.  Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?????  I have multiple exercise videos, but they all seem to be 40 minutes or longer.  I truly just don't have that kind of time with the kids and all. 

Side note: as I'm sitting here after 12 hours of working night shift, my mind is CRAZY!!! The phrase Weigh-in Wednesday keeps running through there.  Maybe that's why I picked Wednesday??? LOL  You really shouldn't try to do something too serious after working a 12 hours night shift!!!


  1. Use your don't need a stair machine when you already have stairs in your house. What about jumping rope?

  2. Netflix has a bunch of work-out videos now for instant streaming... There is one series that has 10 minute workouts -- each one has five 10-minute workouts, so you can do however many you want depending on how much time you have.

  3. I started weight watcher this week too. I weigh in on Tuesday. I am going to post it on my blog too. Are you doing the weight watchers plus? We should share some good low point recipes of you want. I have a great recipe for 1.5 point brownies.

  4. OOOOOh Stacey, I would love the recipe for 1.5 point brownies. I'm not officially doing weight watchers. I still have the points stuff from before. I liked it because I could still eat what I fixed for everyone else, just had to watch portion sizes and avoid the snacks/cookies.