Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Get Packing - Step 3

While I know that most families do not have the amount of people to pack or clothes to wash that I do, there are still a couple of things a "smaller" family could do to make things easier.

First, check out the potential weather where you're going.  We are headed south which should mean warmer weather, so set aside some short sleeves and shorts for everyone.  Obviously, the same would go if we were heading north, except I'd be breaking out the winter attire!!

Next,  I know all of my children have those favorite outfits or pajamas that they love to wear and take everywhere they go.  Make sure you have those washed and set them aside as well.  I have a laundry basket designated for this job.  Then, when you get out the suitcases,  you have the "must have" outfits ready to pack.  There is no frantic searching the night before or morning of for that favorite tee or hoodie.  Once the outfits are set aside,  they are NOT to be touched.  I will admit I'm having a problem with that from Mini-Me.  That little girl would change clothes every hour if I let her.  As you do laundry, add the other outfits everyone wants to take.

Then, a couple days before departure,  get everyone completely packed up.  I'm sure everyone could survive a couple days without their entire wardrobe available to select from, well except maybe me, I don't have that many choices at the moment.  Now, you are 100% ready to go as far as the clothes go :)

 This is just the girls "must haves" I've set aside.  You can probably tell by the already unfolded items, that Mini-Me has struck again.  She got out her Dora pajamas to wear around and I had to take them from her, AGAIN!!!!!

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